Mission Statement
  • Create a new and continuing generation of bowling journalists dedicated to disseminating bowling history, news, features and editorials
  • Offer opportunities for achievement, recognition and growth
  • Provide programs honoring bowler performance, meritorious contributions and scholastic excellence.
About Us

BWAAThe Bowling Writers Association of America, founded in 1934 by 16 charter members attending the organizational meeting in Peoria, Ill., was dedicated to enhancing professional writing, broadcasting and photographic skills within the sport of bowling, subscribing to the highest ideals in communicating the word of bowling throughout the world.

The National Women Bowling Writers was organized on April 18, 1948 in Dallas, Texas. Their primary purpose was the promotion and circulation of material to aid writers in their work and to increase interest in the bowling game among women throughout the nation. The strength of NWBW was in the effectiveness of its grass roots members to continue to communicate the story of bowling to local bowlers.

The merger of NWBW and BWAA became effective on January 1, 2007. The new board of directors is dedicated to bringing forward the best elements from both organizations.

In addition to its pursuit of excellence in communications skills, BWAA actively promotes the exchange of ideas and information among its members, and administers a series of awards to recognize extraordinary levels of achievement in service to the sport as well as performance on the lanes.

The BWAA welcomes among its ranks all men and women who are devoted to the sport of bowling, either as active journalists or as interested parties who support the missions of the BWAA.

If you are interested in joining BWAA, please visit our Join BWAA page, where you can learn about the many benefits of BWAA membership and download a membership application form.

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