Virtual Youth Challenge Tournament


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BWAA Launches Virtual Youth Challenge Tournament

Proceeds will benefit Pezzano Scholarships, S.M.A.R.T. and Y.E.S. funds; Military kids are eligible


After weeks of testing, the Bowling Writers Association of America is officially launching a new tournament for youth bowlers this week. BWAA is teaming up with to create an all new ongoing weekly tournament called the Virtual Youth Challenge, where youth bowlers from age 8-20 with verified averages anywhere in the world can have fun while earning scholarship awards toward higher education.


The Virtual Youth Challenge is designed to encourage young bowlers to participate in league bowling, and it gives them an extra incentive to improve their skills to earn scholarship awards for the very affordable entry fee of $5. From every entry fee, $3 will be paid in S.M.A.R.T. scholarship awards, $1 will go to the BWAA Pezzano Scholarship program (which benefits youth bowlers studying communications) $.50 to Bowling’s Youth Education Services (Y.E.S.) fund, and $.50 to administration of the event.


“We are very proud to launch this new event for youth bowlers,” said BWAA President Jim Goodwin. “Our Pezzano Scholarship Committee chair Joan Romeo and our Virtual Tournament Committee chair Brandy Padilla have been working together with Scott Scriver at for months to write the rules and put this all together. We are very excited about the long term potential of this event and we encourage everyone in the industry to get behind this effort to boost youth bowling.”


In the Virtual Youth Challenge, bowlers will compete using their league scores in two age divisions – 8 through 12 and 13 through 20. Only youth bowlers not participating in adult leagues are eligible, and all averages will be verified before winners become official each week.


The Virtual Youth Challenge is a simple “Highest Over Average” event with a handicap of 90% from the highest average entered each week in each division. One of every five entries each week in each division will earn scholarship awards that will be deposited in their SMART account within 30 days.


Aside from the great benefit of being able to earn scholarship awards without travel expense, young bowlers with military families around the world will be able to participate from the hundreds of centers on military bases across the globe.


For complete rules and information, visit the website, or look for news and information at


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